Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pretty Dark in Here Collection

I am so excited to share this little 9-color collection with you. I got the bottles from Dollarama, they were filled with that little kid vinyl polish. I dumped out the polish and cleaned out the bottles and brushes using soap and hot water, followed by a good rinse. Then I let the bottles dry completely before moving on to mixing my colors. I intend on sharing the recipes for all of these with you all, but one at a time, so those posts will come in the future. The recipe for 'Salmon' will be at the bottom of this post.

Here are the first three colors shown in direct sunlight.
Salmon is a coral shade balanced nicely between orange and pink, with moderate amounts of both pink and orange shimmer, yet showed no brush lines. Three coats in photo.
Raspberry is a juicy berry jelly with lots of pink shimmer. Shown with three coats.
Lilac is a dusty lavender-lilac creme, shown with three coats.

Here are the next three colors shown in direct sunlight.
Nuala is named for my nickname. It is a bright powder blue with moderate amounts of silver shimmer, yet did not show brush strokes. Shown with two coats.
Ocean is a dark teal jelly with the shiniest finish ever. It has great coverage for a jelly color. Shown with two coats.
Nymph is a teal creme with small amounts of pink and green shimmer, so I named it for baby dragonflies (they live in the water!) Shown with two coats.

Here are the last three colors shown in direct sunlight.
Army is an drab olive green in a moderate mid-tone, which is somewhere between a jelly and a creme. Shown with two coats.
Dusk is opaque almost black teal creme with multi colored and sized glitter. It is a muddy color, and I love looking in and seeing obscured glitter winking up at me. Shown with two coats.
Pigeon is a mid-toned grey creme. Shown with two coats.


  1. That is a great collection! I would love to have something like Nymph in my collection of nail polish. Can't wait to hear your recipe :) I am following you hehe